Why Radio?

  1. Radio Drives Your Competitor’s Nuts! Repetition of your ads every hour while intended to improve your profits has the side benefit of hampering the morale of competitors.
  2. Radio is Best Because It Is Human Speech! Speech is the primary means of communication … in your business. Print and pictures are secondary.
  3. Radio is Best for Your Big Sale! The Larger the budget on one station provides high control and repetition.
  4. Radio is Best if Done By The Best! Every shopper truly wants to be waited upon by the boss. Not possible on the floor, very doable on the air.
  5. Radio Ads Are Sales Calls! Do you want lots of calls or sales? Budget the same as you would for your best salesperson.
  6. Radio Is Your Extra Profit Gold Mine At Night! Those who work at night are the least competed for group with the highest disposable incomes. Start selling while you sleep!
  7. Radio Is Ideal For The Payday Plan! Run your ads when the greatest amount of Chas arrives in your customers hands.

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