No one Is Just “Looking”

No One is ‘Just Looking’

The internet has totally changed the way people shop.

You probably remember the old days when you greeted customers who said they were, “just looking.” Today, consumers have already done their “just looking online.

The best marketing today doesn’t try to change the way consumers shop, they tap into the way consumers shop. Using intrusive media like radio to create pre-need awareness

and preference for a business, and inspiring consumers to search for that business by name online, is the new media success formula. Internet guru, Seth Godin, suggests that when consumers are searching online, “It is better to be sought, than to be found.” When consumers happen to find a business online, but have no prior knowledge, awareness or preference for that business, their choice simply defaults to the cheapest provider. And all of the SEO tricks in the world can’t guarantee a business will be found when all

of the businesses competitors are using the same SEO techniques.

The only way a business owner can sleep at night knowing their business will be found, is if they are sought…. Their prospects have heard of them, trust them, and search for

them by name. Advertisers need intrusive radio advertising to create a pre-need awareness and preference to persuade their prospects to search for them online, by name.

Many online advertising proponents will claim online advertising is, “interactive” and

position intrusive media like radio as, “interruptive”; as if that’s a bad thing.

In reality, online advertising is more reactive than interactive. In other words, consumers don’t begin to search for a business until they are reacting to a need they have.

The company websites and social media pages that generate the most traffic, are those which have created a pre-need awareness and preference in their prospects’ minds with

“interruptive ads’ in intrusive media.

Radio advertising is no longer measured solely by foot traffic or telephone inquiries, but rather by online search. Radio is one of the most powerful SEO tools on the planet.